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Inner Glow Candle Co

Appreciate Frosted Glass Candle, 11 oz.

Appreciate Frosted Glass Candle, 11 oz.

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Embark on a sensory journey to the sun-soaked shores of a tropical paradise with our Appreciate fragrance. Starting with the uplifting zest of orange and pineapple, it seamlessly flows into the luscious fusion of peach and mango, each scent a vibrant celebration of nature's abundance. As the aroma unfolds, savor the sweet base of sugar and creamy coconut milk, a gentle reminder of the richness of discovering life's simple pleasures. Immerse yourself in the essence of gratitude for the beauty that surrounds you, transporting your senses to a state of pure appreciation and bliss. Breathe deeply and revel in the daily indulgence of gratitude for the little luxuries that make your life extraordinary.

Made in the USA with a hand-poured toxin-free wax blend made primarily from coconut and soy. Wood wick (eco-friendly and made from FSC certified wood). Natural color wax (no dyes). Wood lid made from raw maple.

Size: 11 oz. jar, 9 oz. wax, 2.93" w (or diameter) x 3.75" h (with lid)

Burn time is around 50 hours
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