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Inner Glow Candle Co

Breathe Frosted Glass Candle, 11 oz.

Breathe Frosted Glass Candle, 11 oz.

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Pause to immerse yourself in the tranquil oasis of Breathe fragrance. Let it transport you to a landscape of serenity, where an endless sky embraces the vast horizon. As you breathe in the refreshing top notes of aloe and agave, your senses are revitalized with the crisp natural essences of evergreen leaves and chrysanthemums in full bloom. And as the earthy patchouli base unfolds, feel yourself grounded in the resilient beauty of nature. Embrace the serenity and vitality that surrounds you—let Breathe be the subtle touch that transforms your space into a personal haven, inviting you to unwind and savor each moment.

Made in the USA with a hand-poured toxin-free wax blend made primarily from coconut and soy. Wood wick (eco-friendly and made from FSC certified wood). Natural color wax (no dyes). Wood lid made from raw maple.

Size: 11 oz. jar, 9 oz. wax, 2.93" w (or diameter) x 3.75" h (with lid)

Burn time is around 50 hours
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